They’re not really that frequent.

what’s with the pricing model?

I just didn’t feel like integrating the Stripe API. I also think it’s nicer this way. Not everyone might derive $5 (or any fixed amount) worth of value from forlater; maybe you didn’t save as many articles this month to warrant paying $5. And some simply can’t afford to pay a fixed amount, or at all.

how is this better than Pocket?

Let’s see…

That said, Pocket has a full-fledged engineering team working on it, so their article parsing is probably better.

are you tracking me?!

Nope. You can audit our code here. However, for the moment, we’re using Mailgun for outbound email. All tracking is turned off, and we only use the SMTP relay.

I’d really like to move away from them and host my own server, in the near future.

are you open source?

Yes, as mentioned previously (twice!), we are open source — licensed under (A)GPL. See:

you keep saying ‘we’; how many of you are there?!

I’m just one guy. ‘We’ just sounded right, I guess. Feel free to email me at x@icyphox.sh to report any issues.